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Membership Application

There are four (4) classes of membership in the association: Regular, Supporting, Associate, and Honorary. The qualifications, rights and privileges for each class of membership are as follows:

1. Regular Membership:

The regular members of the Association shall consist of state, county municipal, and federal officials charged with enforcement of food, drug,cosmetic, device or product safety laws, ordinances or regulations,including but not limited to, the States of Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota,Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Canada. Members areentitled to vote on all pertinent issues, hold office, and to be a memberof committees.

2. Supporting Membership:

Supporting members shall be retired individuals who prior to retirementwere officials of the departments or units charged with the enforcementof food, drug, cosmetic, device, or product safety laws, ordinances, orregulations, and the enforcement of such laws, ordinances, or regulationsprior to retirement.Supporting members can also include professional orscientific personnel employed by a college or university, a consumer, orretired individuals who prior to retirement were officers, employees, orauthorized representatives of firms or industries regulated by food, drug,cosmetic, device or product and related consumer protection laws.Supporting members may serve as advisors to committees with a vote andshall be entitled to hold office.

3. Associate Membership:

Associate members are those individuals interested in promoting the objectivesof the Association but not employed by a state, county, municipal, or federalagency. Associate members shall be officers, employees, or authorizedrepresentatives of firms or industries regulatedby food, drug, cosmetic,device, or product safety and related consumerprotection laws.Associatemembers can also include employees of anassociation, private laboratorystaff and private consultants to food,drug, cosmetic, device, and consumerproduct or related industry. Associate members may serve on committees, and ascommittee chairs. Associate members are not entitled to hold office, except assection presidents, and are non-voting members.

4. Honorary Membership:

Individuals eligible to hold an honorary membership shall have been regularmembers who are nominated by the Board of Directors and elected by theAssociation to this class of membership in recognition of their substantialcontributions to the achievement of the objectives of the Association. Itemsthat shall be considered in awarding an NCAFDO Honorary Membership are theleadership roles taken by the candidate in both NCAFDO and the national AFDO,as well as the contributions made by the candidate to the basic mission ofconsumer protection while serving as an officer in the enforcement of food,drug, cosmetic, device, or product safety laws. Honorary Members shall have allthe rights and privileges of a regular member unless said Honorary Memberbecomes associated with a regulated industry, causing his rights and privileges to be limited to those of an associate member.